Line Marking Removal

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Avoid confusion and improve safety on your site by removing old unused line markings

Old worn line markings can make your site look tried and untidy. This can cause confusion for staff and customers resulting in accidents. 

City Linemarking can permanently remove any existing lines using line removal machinery or simply black out any pre-existing lines. We adhere to the standards outlined in the NZRF Line Removal Guide.

We can provide Line Marking, Stencil Markings & Non-Slip Coatings once the removal is complete. 

Line Marking Removal Services


There are a number of ways to remove unwanted road marking lines, permanently and temporarily. Suitable for a temporary measure, Line Blackout helps cover your unwanted markings with a topcoat of material similar in colour to the road surface. This method has proven performance for long term, anti-skid properties, and colour retention. Allowing skid-resistant, flexible and can be applied to numerous surfaces.


Mechanical Grinding is used to remove line markings materials such as asphalt and concrete surfaces. Grinding isn’t recommended for sprayed seals or high texture asphalt. Grinding is cost effective method of removing pavement markings. 

Grinding can leave the pavement surface undamaged, ‘Ghost lines’ a term used with the appearance of a line that isn’t their often results as a consequence of a rough surface created by the grinding process. However, when using in conjunction with black out paint services the residue shadow of marking left is minimised. 


Sandblasting is a proven pre-finishing technique, used on a surfaces such as auto parts being cleaned of dirt, grease and oil. Sandblasting is the most common preferred abrasive treatment method. It’s particularly suited fro soft and sensitive material being readied for final finishes.

Sandblasting is propelling that abrasive media with compressed air, used for cleaning preparation procedures as a power source and directs a high-pressure stream of media towards the given surface.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is an aggressive abrasive technique than Sandblasting. Shot blasting is used for larger and more difficult objects that need a strong force and denser media material to clean a particular surface. Shot blasting will quickly prepare thick and heavy surfaces like metal hulls and truck hubs. 

Shot blasting requires a strict containment as the force of blasting shot could cause collateral damage if the process isn’t confined. 

City Linemarking Provides a quality professional service to suit your requirements. we work with you to plan, implement and schedule a suitable time to get the job done.

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